Top 10 Schools in Karachi

They are a lot of schools that are emerging out and most of them have strives to become exalted at the top. People imagine that it is significant to elevate and ameliorate the school for the learning of their offspring. However, the Department of Education meditates that it is excellent for a progeny to acquire more understanding and procure several items in life for Education.
Here is the list of Top 10 Schools of Karachi which are for ‘O’ levels in 2012.

1.Education Bay (EBAY)

Education Bay is a Montessori School From O Level to A Level is one of the best schools in Karachi in Defense Housing Authority for your loving children.

2. British Over Seas (B.O.S)

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British Over Seas School Founded in 1958 as a non-profit organization, the British Overseas School has been successfully providing the rigorous British Curriculum by UK qualified staff. We are now a fully integrated Primary and Secondary School through to GCSE and A level Years 7-13, in the British system.

3. Karachi Grammar School (K.G.S)

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Karachi Grammar School strives to be a center of educational excellence, to confirm and strengthen its high reputation gained through its long history. The School aims to develop the whole person, preparing each student for a successful future life and complementing the positive influences of family and others to achieve this objective.

4. Bay view Academy (B.V.A)

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blank Top 10 Schools in Karachi 2011 2012
Mrs. Safia Shaikh, one of the leading early childhood educators in Karachi, has been running a nursery school since 1984. Her first school, one of the most highly regarded at the time, was known as Shaikh’s Montessori. In 1990, Shahpur and Doe Jamall, returned to Karachi after working in the Los Angeles Unified School District as teachers. Both these professionals hold Master’s Degrees from the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and Teaching Credentials issued by the state of California.

5. The Indus Academy

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The Indus Academy has its roots in the Playschool, a nursery school started in August 1989 by Mrs Masooma Anvarali, Mrs Tayyaba Siddiqui and Mrs Kamila Mazari. All three started teaching careers separately in different nurseries and schools before they set up their own nursery school.

6. Center For Advanced Studies (C.A.S)

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Founded in 1981 by Sami Mustafa, the C.A.S. School looks at the objectives of schooling beyond good grades and academic achievements. Its Programme of Studies includes academic courses, learning modules, seminars, foreign languages and community service. It is hoped that by experiencing this larger context of learning, students will grow up with confidence, self-esteem, leadership initiatives, and an interest in the broader aspects of social, cultural and developmental issues.

7. Froebel Education Centre

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Froebel Education Centre was founded on the principles established by the German educationalist and philosopher, Friedrich Froebel, in the early nineteenth century. Froebel believed that educating children was similar to cultivating plants. He coined the term Kindergarten, meaning Children’s Garden.

8. Beacon House School System

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The first Beaconhouse school opened in Lahore in 1975. Beaconhouse has now established more than 146 schools across Pakistan. Students study a variety of curricula, and Beaconhouse alumni are successful in all walks of life in Pakistan.
Beaconhouse opened its first branch in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2006 and plans to open more schools across the region.

9. Bay view High School

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Established in 1994, Bay View High School is a modern, co-educational institution which provides a British System of education leading to Cambridge University International O’ and A’ level examinations. We are affiliated with Cambridge University. Excellent O’ and A’ level results, our committed faculty, individual attention given to the students and an equal emphasis on academics and personal development have established Bay View High School as one of the leading educational institutions in the country.

10. The International School

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The International School (TIS) recognizes and addresses these needs by developing intellect and building character of each student through an internationally acclaimed balanced curriculum.